Tuesday, March 6, 2007

استفتاء: ما هو "مجمع المدونات" المفضل لديك؟ صوت هنا

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عرفتوا شويعني مجمع المدونات بضم الميم الأولى و فتح الجيم و كسر الميم الثانية مع التشديد مش عارف قلبت ميمعة المهم :)
المهم يعني تووت ولا قويدر ولا مكتوب ولا صوتنا ولا دوّن ولا جيران ولا
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صوت لأحسن" مجمع مدونات" في رأيك؟ بعدين حدا يحكيلي وين الشدة مع الكسرة على لوحة المفاتيح منشان الله مش معقول شو بتغلب لمّا أطبع بالعربي


Anonymous said...

الشدة: ّ (SHIFT ` or ~)
او: (Shift \ or |)

الكسرة: ِ (Shift a)

M Kilany said...

thanks Qwaider, your aggregator is doing great up to this minute on this poll...

Anonymous said...

It's not mine, it's everyone's :)

Mala2e6 said...

ya kharabiiiii yakhti..ya kharabi..yakhti yakhti yakhti



bass walahi each one has its own identity..ya3ni i check them all coz differant people post

now the look is differnt ..i don't like sawtoona look and i think it need alot of work,since its is connected to dawwen i can see all the efforts are spent there.

Qwaider changed the theme many times and i like this one it is easy to read and follow

dawwen is good too with many features,but dawwern was there long before others..ma tensa

JB they are trying hard to manage things and they are doing a great job..but my name is dowwwwwwwnnnn ma3lesh..i like it there

toot kaman is older in age than others,they have the ikbis service and there are many things that i don't like there s..u cannot move to older pages

i used to find jordan planet easier to deal with.alla yer7amo

M Kilany said...

Yes, agree they're all great, I think the reason why Qwaider Planet is doing so good is that everyone feels its their own planet just as Qwaider just commented... I did love Jordan Planet... It was great... "Your Daily Dose of Jordanian Wisdom"...