Friday, March 9, 2007

Top Ten ShortCuts

I'm talking about Windows and related software, MS Office... Shortcuts separate the newbies from the experts when you deal with computer software, most of my work is with MS Word and MS Excel, and Internet Explorer plus file management on my PC...

I just hate hoping back and forth between the keyboard and the mouse, when I first started with PC's I wish someone would have pointed out the following shortcuts... They are my top ten or the ten I use the most, this is actually something very basic but I wish someone told me earlier, would have made my life easy...

Ok so here goes nothing:

1) Ctrl+Mouse Scroll, Ok I know this is not a keyboard shortcut, its more of a Keyboard+Mouse shortcut... but I just love it, if you're in IE, excel or word... Zoom in, Zoom out, Time saver and you're a shocker when you do it with the boss over your shoulder (Damn, what was that!? this boy is really good).
2) Ctrl+C Yes copy that file, text or picture... etc without having to go to the mouse, right click and select copy, just a simple shortcut.
3) Ctrl+X Cut.
4) Ctrl+V Paste.
5) Alt+Tab Switches in between already open windows, very helpful if you're playing cards at work and want to quickly change to your excel sheet without doing the rather obvious rush to the mouse and click the hell out of minimize... Daaa & guess what?! your boss suspected you the minute you reached for that mouse :)
6) PrtScr Print Screen, I'm not sure if this qualifies as a shortcut but its a one key just next to your F12 key, but its very useful, when you press it it saves a snapshot of your PC screen and saves it in memory as a picture, all you have to do is open the good old paint brush and press Ctrl+V (Paste) and voalla, there you go... you can do great tutorials with it, plus a number of pranks... maybe later...
7) Ctrl+A Selects All, three clicks with the mouse also does the trick but it gets really clumsy sometimes and you look like an idiot when you click three clicks at once, (nice, you don't have to hold that mouse from the beginning of the page and scroll down forever to select your text).
8) Tab Hmmm not a keyboard shortcut among other things you don't have to go to the mouse when you are filling a form and want to jump from one field to the next (I knew there must have been something easier !)
9) Alt+F4 Close that file.
10) F4 in Excel is a bless, It basically redows your last command, Its very useful when you add columns or rows (just add the first one and than F4 till you had enough).

Ok now its your turn show me your greatest shortcuts... Comment


Anonymous said...

CTRL+Mouse scroll used to increase reduce the font
Click mouse scroll when pointing on a link it opens it in a new Tab
Use Alt-PrtScreen to copy the contents of one window instead of the whole desktop
In Windows Vista, use Windows-Tab to flip through the windows, new 3d style

In Excel, use CTRL-Minus to delete a Raw, Cell, Column, not just their contents
CTRL-+ will insert a raw, column
CTRL-m indent right, CTRL-M to indent left (in word, Outlook ...etc)
CTRL-W to close IE windows (also works in Firefox)
CTRL-SHIFT-ESC to start task manager
Windows-L to lock your computer
Windows-D to show the desktop
CTRL-S of course, Save :) The most important shortcut of them all

Bilalٍ said...

I use the CTRL + Z (Undo) alot, my favourite in addition to CTRL A (Select All)

M Kilany said...

Love the Alt-PrtScreen and the Windows-L

& hmmm excel shortcuts, the Ctrl+ and Ctrl- Impressive

Welcome to Tips & Polls, ctrl+Z is a blessing... I can't argue with that :)

Bilalٍ said...

I wish we had CTRL Z in our life!!!