Wednesday, August 15, 2007

"Arabic influence on the Spanish language"

Wikipedia again...

Those were different times and different men... Source of information, Wikipedia at this page

Just a small statistic, total words used today in Spanish language influenced by Arabic is 1,214 that's one thousand two hundred and fourteen. Not to mention the influence on grammar.

Just remind me how much English words are we using today! in our day to day conversations with Arabs?

I guess I'm not the right person to ask this question since most of my posting is in English, but it's sad to say the least...


Mohanned said...

The word that amazez me is sugar, it is all the same in eng,arab,spanish..

Did you know that in spanish they also say ban6alon and kamee9:D

M Kilany said...

I had no idea...

Bilalٍ said...

Any in French ya man, then say Pantaloon and Shamees (Chamiois or something)
Of course Arabic influenced many languages, that when we were strong.
Now, its time for us to be influenced since we are now in the back of the queue.
I don't mind writing in English since the Internet is 99.99% Englished(a new word!) but, speaking the day to day language in English is just absurd. I feel sorry for people who do this.

Anonymous said...

Pantalon is an Italian word. but Chamnis.. (not sure of the spelling is from Arabic)
Add to that
Mattress (Matra77)
Arroz (Rice)
..etc :)
Even the "EL" is from the Arabic "AL" meaning similar to "the"

It's not sad. Languages are living creatures. They evolve, and change, and accept seeding from other languages when they lack a specific new meaning

The Arabic language has always accepted this inflow of terms since the dawn of time. It has also contributed to many others. Arabic took from Persian, Hebrew, ancient Egyptian, Greek and many others

I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that the word Schedule is Arabic .. "jadwal" :) It appears that at some point in history, we actually cared about our time!

Hareega said...

Sometimes In Arizona I speak loudly with some Arab friends, and one of my friends was saying something with the word "Kalsoon" in it :D
We told to shut up because there was a lot of MExicans around, and kalsoon also means kalsoon in Spanish

Amer said...

nice conversations you're having!

In Spanish, there are at least 5000 words of Arabic origin. think of every word that starts with 'al'. it is also a really nice way to strike a conversation with a Spanish speaking person.
of the top of my head:
almohada pillow
almaden ma3dan (mine)
taza cup
cero zero
alberka swimming pool (also piscina)
espinaca spinach
fulano somebody
aciete oil
acietona olive
rehen hostage
jirafa giraffe
limon lemon
alcazar palace
algodon cotton
almacen place
bano bathroom
berenjena eggplant
momia mummy
ojala in god willing

the list really goes on...

M Kilany said...

I totally agree with you especially if everyone that is there is Arab and the conversation is completely in English... I can understand having this in a multi national environment... but if you're having 4 Arabs speaking english then "Houston we have a problem". Again, some terms are not easy to say in Arabic, imagine yourself having a conversation with one of those technical guys in an IT meeting, or construction management!

M Kilany said...

Qwaider, What is more surprising for the word schedule is the reason behind it...

I believe some words are simply invented because of new technology and if you're not the one inventing them, then you're going to borrow them... I think that's why we have so little non-Arabic terms in terms of emotions and day to day activities..

Now think about that for a second and contemplate on the word schedule... it does not only imply that we used Jadawel but that others were so behind they didn't even have a word for it!?!

M Kilany said...

LOL I have to second on Globalorama :)

According to Wikipedia, there is also the effect of "nisbeh", the letter "i", e.g. if you add i to Jordan you will have Jordani, which actually means Urduni or Jordanian...

Bilalٍ said...

Some Arabized Words to think about:)
السواقة الصلبة
الناقل التسلسلي العام وأخيرا
ذاكرة الدخول العشوائي....
No, better leave these words alone with trying to arabize them

Anonymous said...

What the Arabs and Muslim civilization have contributed to Western culture and civilisation is immensely important and unprecedented
Iam not trying to sound Muslim or Arab egocentric but rather to point out ,the scientific and cultural contribution to Western civilisation.
In matter of fact,the Golden age of the Jewish people came about due to the protection and embarrassing Jewish population who were fleeing Europe because of Anti Jewish sentiment that took over Europe in 1492