Thursday, August 23, 2007

Do you have an older employee under YOU!

I always wanted to know more about leading older people in a demanding work environment, I used to feel uneasy about giving them directions, especially in a construction industry were you might find people in their fifties working as carpenters or foremen... In a middle eastern culture, there are so many obstacles when dealing with older people...

Now this website is unbelievable and has some really nice tips and even short business videos. And one of the issues discussed is "Managing a Staff of Older Employees".

If you have anything to add, please go ahead and comment because it might make a difference for a young graduate and an old employee under him :)


Anonymous said...

In any management situation, you have 5 types of people that you need to handle.
1) The Supermen, let them work! Let them fly, let them soar. Keep kryptonite out of their way. Management overhead... low
2) The Clark Kents help them discover how to become supermen. Management overhead .. medium
3) The Lex Luthors, you need to fix these, or lock them up ASAP! Soon they will kill the whole team. Management overhead ... extremely high
4) The old bartender. He's good to listen to has history on everything. Hardly does anything. Could be harmful for morale. Keep an eye on them. Even better, keep them CLOSE to you. Listen to them, and use thier experience. Chances are they're happy doing what they're doing. And they'll enjoy the added importance of having your ear. Remember, if you don't let them talk to you, and you don't filter through their experience, they WILL talk to your supermen and waste their time. Management overhead ... moderate!
5) The happy campers. These are in the same boat aas the Clark Kents, and don't really have the potential to become supermen or lexluthors. They'll end up old bartenders at the end. Just keep an eye on them. Management overhead .. moderate

Hope this helps :)

M Kilany said...

I never thought of it that way... I love the clark Kents, I guess this is where good management excells...