Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Godfather's of the JO-Blogosphere

If you've been reading blogs for some time you must have noticed a few Godfather's around the blogk. They are the bloggers whose names are associated with an unusual kind of respect, the ones who are considered as the leaders of the blogging pack not in numbers of visitors or in fame but in a kind of silent respect.

Most of them belong to the same generation that started blogging long before the flame caught the dry grass on JO-Blogosphere, but that is not what identifies them... Rather, it is their ability to shine integrity, professionalism and self respect. Their ability to somehow keep on going with the same start-up enthusiasm.

Somehow, they are able to keep a standard of their own. I thought of putting a poll on those Godfathers but then again that would be my own personal opinion and naming them would be simply.... pointing to the obvious.

What is more interesting is seeing those Godfathers in the making, it is always interesting seeing/reading a potential Godfather making his bones :)


Anonymous said...

HAHAHA .... Dude, we gotta kill you now. You Know too much :)

Yeah, James Brown is the godfather of Soul :)

M Kilany said...

I know you're making your bones, but this is a huge mistake :)

Anonymous said...

Ya MK, don't forget half of them were Godmothers! :)

M Kilany said...

Believe me I was thinking of adding this as a side note :)

Bilalٍ said...

َQwaider, Leave Kilany alone, he is a good fellow, he is one of us:)

on a side note, the charisma and power of both godfathers (father & son) is impossible, it needs a scientific study.

M Kilany said...

Never, no matter what happens... Never ever take sides with another family...

Anonymous said...

Keep a u hand off or.