Saturday, August 25, 2007

What can A Japanese Tea Master teach you?

I find the Japanese culture very interesting, the following it is based on a book I finished reading last week and this is how a tea master taught the author the essence of a Tea Ceremony, "Lift a pen right now with your left hand, ok, now that you hold the pen firmly in your left hand put it anywhere on the right side of your desk."

The Tea Master Goes on, "Now, lets do the same thing but this time, you have to think before you move! before even reaching for that pen you should decide exactly where you want to put it, ok now do it... Notice, how efficient and smooth did it go, much better than the first time, right! That's exactly what you should do in life..."

Think before you move and see the final place you want to get to! It will make your trip alot smoother and much more efficient.

Pouring tea or a "Tea Ceremony" is not as simple as it sounds at least in the far east, parents send their kids at an early age to learn the fine art of Tea Ceremonies, every move should be done exactly the same way, should take the exact same time, from pouring tea to presenting each guest with his own cup. It seems easy and smooth but it takes years and years of discipline to pour a cup of tea :) seriously... imagine that you should have impeccable timing to match every move over and over again with grace and elegance...

Interesting isn't it! and guys this is supposed to be a semi-serious post, so "Think before you" write :)


Bilalٍ said...

You said its a semi serious post so, I am allowed to write a 1 serious comment and 1 not so serious.
A very precious advice : Think before you move, applies to everything in life, from preparing to go out in the morning to life affecting decision.

On the other side, a Japanese Tea Master can teach you Karate and Wax-on Wax-off for cars.

M Kilany said...

you are allowed to burn this blog and through the ashes into the sea...

And stop watching karate kid, Mr. Ohara is turning your brain into a mush...

Anonymous said...

One more example, Chess !

This one guy kept beating me at it, lucky me he kept giving me a hint every time I made a move, he would say out loud "now why did he do that". Such a basic principle, like most chess amateurs I was concerned about my pieces and setting up a defense, and hadn't given a single thought as to what my opponent was trying to do.

Oh and after applying that strategy, he still beat me, I just don't have the discipline to learn chess properly !

M Kilany said...


I would love to play chess with you? maybe online :)

and Hani one more thing, do you blog, I'm interested in reading your posts?!