Sunday, September 16, 2007

Possible Outcomes of Who-Sane's Investigation!?!

So what now? The tragedy certainly didn't end... It was merely the end of the beginning, we are known as Arabs for paralysis after small victories... possible outcomes of the investigation...

Scenario (1) Al-Qaeda is linked!
Who Sane is found guilty for damaging the country's medical tourism and officials in the ministry of interior affairs are keeping him under parole, fine required is 1,000,000 JOD's!! The hospital management files a lawsuit and asks for compensation to individuals including the poor receptionist. Hussein's father is also found guilty for parking the car for more than 4 days in suspicious manner. Some newspapers are running stories on possible terrorist links related to the old man and his suspicious third cousin's behaviour. Some students testify that the car hit another vehicle just before parking! HMMMMM

Scenario (2) Conspiracy Theory:
Medical Investigation clears the hospital staff and awards them with an esteemed award for protecting the patients privacy, it turns out that the father insisted on not informing his relatives of his whereabouts and there are at least 6 witnesses to testify to that fact including, Doctors, Nurses, an Administrator and one very upset receptionist. (all witnesses are Non biased of course).

Scenario (3) Realistic Scenario
Investigation takes 1-2 years, no one knows the findings of the investigation. No one even remembers what happened in the first place. Nothing is published and all is kept in a file in one of those drawers in the health care division.

Scenario (4) Racist Scenario
The investigation takes one month, the leading investigator is unkown, some rumors say he is from Balgaa province, some even relate him to D.F., but one man is found directly responsible, he is the one who was cleaning the room. It seems he no longer works in the hospital, he managed to flee to Mafraq. His official paper's indicate that he is out sourced, guess what yes "another Iraqi". It starts to make sense, his father is from Baghdad, his aunt's name (belreda3a) is Sajeda and his mother is from Kurdistan but that's not it... his hiring company is Syrian but the owner's name is suspicious, it turns out he is from a Palestinian origin (Yarmouk Refugee Camp) and you can't possibly have a racist scenario without someone from Irbid, so the coordinator who choose the company is a "shamalati" (from the north), ya man those guys are destroying the country. You can sleep now it all makes sense.

Scenario (5) Slightly Optimistic + Synical
The investigation takes 3 weeks, two men are found guilty, the receptionist and the man who was sleeping next to Who Sane's father. Yes, that man isn't that good after all, its true he did feed him his pills but he didn't call the family, it turns out that the man's motive was he wanted company in that cold room. So the receptionist is given a warning letter and a two day salary cut plus a two day customer service intensive course in Arabic, the old man is deprived from seeking further health care in any government hospital and dies shortly after that (he got that one coming).

Scenario (6) A Dream:
The investigation takes two weeks, all facts are gathered from everyone involved, family, patients, anyone who was on duty, day or night; nurses, doctors, administrators, officers on duty, senior management, receptionists.
Key elements of failure to report the incident or provide medical care are stated one by one, accountability for each and every action is assigned to a person by name and position. Each action is evaluated in terms of severity and proper punishment is therefore applied, some will be fired, some will be penalized, some will be barred from medical services for ethical and professional reasons.

The investigation and it's outcome is published in local media, a decent amount of money is paid to compensate the family for all the trouble and it comes out from the pockets of all of those involved from nurse to director by court order. The Hospital director resigns after the shameful publicity and is never to be given such a position.

Who sane is considered a patriot not a traitor, someone who defends the rights of Jordanians in need of health care and his father's story stands on the hospital's entrance with a huge mobile number to call in case anything similar ever happens. The mobile owner is the new hospital director.

A clear procedure is established that states exactly how to handle cases of entry to hospitals for un-identified patients saying who does what to avoid similar cases. The procedure is then given to all hospitals (private and governmental).

And we end up with a better Jordan a better health care system and Jordan still leads the middle east in medical care for the coming 100 YEARS.


Anonymous said...

LOL! this is brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Very well done, you missed your calling my friend. You should have been a screenwriter in Hollywood.

The dream scenario sounds very nice but in the end people will look at what damage was done (how many people died), and base the response on that.

Best case scenario, all Medical expenses incurred during and since the incident would be paid for, and an official appology will be given to Hussein and his family.

Let's expect the worst and hope for the best.

Anonymous said...

MK, truly delightful, i echo Hani.

Where is the scenario when HM King Abdullah visits in disguise and saves the day? :)

Mohanned said...

Abu shreek they will change the managment, I have read it in may places, the new appointed minister made a surprise visit before the king and he took pictures with his cellphone.

Alawrabalyawm repeorted that their is a new managment team getting ready to take over.

Come on man, be positive when credit is due, I consider this a success story. People now have the resources to make their voices heared. For one time lets take the initiative and see what will happen( I guess husiens story is a proof that we can make things work).

Ramdan kareem ya m3allem, O ba3den tsheddesh ktheer 3la soolafet el da3seh balash a3mal ette9alat:P

Tara bamza7 mesh terfa3 3lay gatheyyeh:)

M Kilany said...

Glad you liked it... welcome to the blogck...

LOL the screenwriter thing! but bollywood sounds more like it :) and Ameen to your best case scenario...

I guess I never saw that one coming...

I'm just reminding people that it's not over till the fat lady sings.... I'm more than positive about this case and I'm with you 100% that people can make a change and should be heard...

But a change of management is not a solution, its just part of it, unless the new management is weaker than the previous... There should be proper standard operating procedures, accountability and in short "A system"...

They can change management as much as they change the parliment and it might still be the same...

This is a success story till now, but it's not over yet... that's all and this talk is not caused by your DF threat :)

Who-sane! said...

to be honest kilany, we were worried about scenario (2) at first because that's exactly what the health officials were trying to do.

They even gave us a romantic image to ponder upon when they claimed that one of the male nurses was kind enough to shave my dad's beard on the 2nd day of my dad's stay, which is utter BS of course as we arrived and his long beard was the least of our worries.

I gotta give it to you Kilany, if whatever you're doing now doesn't work out, you should consider scriptwriting.

M Kilany said...

Man, Now you should have worried about the first scenario.. YOU traitor :)...

As for beard shaving and the angel kindness, I can't believe they were trying to pull a stunt like that..

Our hearts and thoughts are with you... We're all waiting for the investigation outcome :)