Saturday, June 28, 2008

Lebanon - Le Bristol (Al-Hamra St.)

First time in Lebanon, almost one week ago...

And my advice is don't go to the Bristol, the "antique look" is nice but you might actually want the bathroom sink to drain water without having to remove the plug with your own hands.... eeekh

The front office last night was a terrible mess, a lebanese guy who is so confused to the point that he starts and ends conversations while we wait for him to allocate the already reserved rooms...

Two rooms but he can't seem to find the reservation untill we actually show him the reservation details on the laptop! and he goes "hmmm aaah now I get it 2 rooms one night!"

Anyway, I asked if I can connect to the internet and he said yes, all you have to do is connect to the ADSL plug in your room, we will send it to you once you need it.

As I was heading towards the room, I saw the door open, one of the hotel staff was getting out of the room and another went to the bathroom, saying sorry we just need a few minutes.

Then I had do some work online so I called the confused front desk asking for the ADSL connection he told me about while we waited earlier, he said "I will arrange for it in a few minutes".

I waited and waited around 20 minutes passed and no cable so I called him again and his brilliant answer was: "I called IT and they said you can connect from your room using the wireless network", well... guess what?!? there wasn't any network available in my room!! And even if there was a wireless network there shouldn't you at least say something about it... instead of keeping me waiting for 20 minutes.

So if you ever decide to go to Lebanon, you know where NOT to stay.


Mona said...

You mean that Bristol Hotel its service is not good. It is a five stars and well known hotel.
I am amazing to heard bad news:(

M Kilany said...


The service was awful!! I don't think it's a 5 star hotel anymore...

Maher said...

thats strange!
honestly the Bristol hotel is just fine! aMazing one! :)

M Kilany said...


Exactly what I thought!