Thursday, October 4, 2007

Meet the Daredevil...

Don't you just hate heights... I'm sure he's not getting paid that high, oh by the way... he uses tissues right after this!?
Talk about a market niche :)


Bilalٍ said...

Weenak ya m3alem Zaki:)

Thats why i laugh when i see a new building being covered with glass. It gets dirty just one month after they finish it and it looks so ugly.
For god's sake, if you want to look sophisticated and use glass fro facades, think how you are going to clean it!

Mohanned said...

I wish I have a picture for one of those spidermen that we have here in chicago; the only thing they use is a rope, more like climbers.

Zaman 3annak:)


M Kilany said...

Absolutely... so should we start a business in glass cleaning, all you need is a rope according to Mohannad :P

Man, its been ages, where have you been!! Anyway, welcome back and make sure to take a picture for one of those guys, and send us a rope... who knows, this is business startup and you have one third of the company if you do your part :)

Mohanned said...

Wallahe it is a good idea, akkamen ma9ri 3la shwayyet 7bal and you got a business :D

Walla ya abu shreek I am extremly busy; teaching a course, taking a course in organizational psychology, and doing some research then combine all of this with 3-4 hours commute daily and add ramadan, you get mohanned makel hawa :)

But I always check your blog but with less comments-which means that I am agreeing with you lately ;)

M Kilany said...


LOL, this is a day to remember :D